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更 新 日 期: 二一四年十月三十一日    Updated on October 312014




Students will have regular language and cultural classes this Saturday, November 1st:

• 8:40am to 9:25am - Morning cultural classes

• 9:30am to 11:20am – Language classes

• 11:30am to 12:15pm – Cultural classes


The Halloween party and fundraising “Yard Sale” hosted by the Heritage 7 class went very well last week.  A special thanks to Mrs. Yeh (葉錢妹女士), Mrs. Shomei Lin (林壽美老師), Miss Kristy Hung (洪一如), and Mrs. Annie Glasel for helping at the tables.  $220 were raised from the “Yard Sale”.  All proceeds have been donated to the Covenant House.  Heritage 7 students and Mrs. Lee (周淑美老師) would like to thank everyone for participating at the fundraising sales.  Please click here to view the photo album (courtesy of Irene Moser).  


 Upcoming Events:

Final Exams (November 15) - Teachers will be working with students in the next couple lessons to prepare for final exams.  Please contact your child’s language teacher with any questions.  


End of semester celebration and awards ceremony (November 22) - Please make your calendar for this special event!  More details to be followed.

大 納 城 中 文 學 校 簡 介


納城中文學校是美國聯邦政府 認可的一個非營利組織,於1987年由一群熱 心公益的華人為傳承優美的中華文 化、語言而成立。最初僅有二十 多個學生和六、七個由家長兼任的義務教師,如今則有一百多個學生、二十多個教 師,加上無數的義務工作者協助推動校務。本校秉承「四海一家」的創校宗旨,不論政治、宗教、種 族等背景,全部一視同仁,以促進中華文化與祖先優良傳統之目標共同努力。


About Nashville Chinese School

The Nashville Chinese School (NCS), established in 1987, is a federally recognized non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. NCS's mission is to enrich our community by providing Chinese language classes as well as arts and culture classes to children and adults in the Greater Nashville area. We take great pride in providing a nourishing, diverse learning environment for students of all ethnic backgrounds. Currently, over 100 students attend NCS classes on Saturday mornings at the H.G. Hill Middle School. Our semesters follow the Nashville Metropolitan Public School calendar.